Veiled chameleons, Chamaeleo calyptorarus, are considered to be one of the popular varieties of chameleon. They have got the special capacity to try looking in any direction without even moving their heads or changed their body position. Believe it or not, their eyes can rotate for almost 180 degrees. They can also look to direction at the same time. Their average size is 6-10 inches long and can live for five-years or maybe more if good care applied.

When having your own veiled chameleon, it really is already your responsibility to offer your furry friend its basic needs. Initial thing will be the housing. Offer an enclosure that is appropriate with the dimensions of your dog. The enclosure has to be sufficient for your pet to roam around and do its normal exercise. If you really don’t know steps to make an enclosure concerning your pet, you may also speak to a qualified veterinarian for many advise. As for the substrate, there is not any specific kind to help you because they are really tree-dwellers. So any substrate can do.

The enclosure must contained branches for climbing and non-exotic plants for hiding. Temperature gradient should be 100F inside the warm side while 70F within the cool side. Incandescent light or ceramic heater can be utilized for a primary source of heat. UVB ray with full spectrum fluorescent light must be switched on for 10-12 hours. Regarding their food, you can provide them with gut-loaded cricket, mealworms, wax worms and many more. The food has to be sprinkled with calcium on daily basis while multivitamin supplement once or twice a week. Adults has to be fed almost every other day while juveniles everyday. They may also not drink plenty of water right from a bowl so allow proper misting within the non-toxic plants.

Veiled chameleons like other chameleons do change their colors based on their mood. The males are larger and a lot more colorful compared to females. This kind of reptile is not hard to be stressed also specially when being handled so regular handling will not be recommended. In terms of their enclosure’s maintenance, clean their tank one or more times a week. You hold wash your hands also before and after handling your furry friend in order to avoid salmonella and other kinds of infectious disease.

Proper humidity is yet another must specially whenever your pet is shedding. When you see your veiled chameleons to be very active and alert, got clear eyes, have healthy skin and eats regularly then your pet is completely in good condition. However, watch agytbe for just about any indications of illness like runny stools, appetite loss and others. This stuff may brought your furry friend into serious conflict. If so, contact a reptile veterinarian as quickly as possible.

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