The impact tourists have on local economies varies from state to state and also at different times all through the year however for Las Vegas, tourists are ALWAYS the lifeblood of our economy. Focused on entertaining tourists, Vegas is hailed as the “Entertainment Capital of the World,” and in accordance with Carlson Wagonlit Travel Associates in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a result of their 2008 Travel Trends Survey reveals Las Vegas as the number one domestic destination beating out Orlando, Florida for the sixth consecutive year. It seems like regardless of where you turn television commercials, billboards, and magazine and newspaper ads are tempting visitors to this 24/7 town. Even during these tough economic times, Las Vegas is Tourist Attraction.

So what’s the attraction? Vegas has stopped being a dust-blown desert town in the center of nowhere with little to do. The ever-changing scenery is one of the numerous reasons why this city is such an excellent place to visit; there’s always new things to see. Years ago “Sin City” was a variety of gambling halls, brothels and bars however nowadays it’s a classy Manhattan metamorphosis having a sprawling skyline of spectacular skyscrapers composed of fifteen from the world’s twenty largest hotels, with unique architectural designs, themes and reproductions amid bright lights and neon signs on and around Las Vegas Boulevard (a.k.a. “The Strip”); the oldest street in Vegas.

This city of fantasy and fun is really a playground for children and adults alike from rejuvenating day spas, specialty boutiques and souvenir shops to magnificent designer stores and outlet malls; with an abundance of sightseeing opportunities, indoor attractions plus thrill rides, arcades and exotic animals, and outdoor activities such as hot air balloon rides, skydiving, and top rated golf courses, and whoever said there have been no beaches in the desert has not experienced the Beach at Mandalay Bay. World-renowned for its vibrant club scene and scintillating night life showcasing elaborate variety shows, comedy revues and spectacular Broadway productions, Las Vegas is definitely the number one hotspot to find out and stay seen; where celebrity sightings have become the standard, the rich and famous arrived at party and rising stars and headliners perform nightly.

The diverse dining options also lure tourists. From buffets and bistros to junk food and fine dining, the best eateries on earth are based in the luxury resort hotels over the Strip. Famed chefs such as Charlie Trotter, Bobby Flay, Mario Batali, Emeril Lagasse and Wolfgang Puck, to list just a few, have opened unique and outstanding specialty restaurants that have transformed Vegas into a mecca for world-class cuisine.

This small town having a big city feel is a lot more than slot machines and black jack tables. Las Vegas is also called the wedding capital of the world, from drive-up window weddings to elegant traditional weddings and everything in between; it’s the host city for approximately 4,000 conventions each year as well as a colorful backdrop for a lot of films, TV series, and reality and game shows. Yet in the center of all the glamour and glitz you will find a growing culture with museums and art galleries, the Las Vegas Philharmonic and also the Nevada Ballet Theatre.

There is still a bit of the “old” Vegas left inside the downtown area as well as the main attraction is “The Fremont Street Experience”, an open-air pedestrian mall having a free nightly reveal that draws approximately 20 million visitors every year. This amazing laser light and sound show of super-sized animations and amazing visual effects are shown on a 17 million kckzud Viva Vision screen, one from the largest screens in the world, within 90 ft. canopy that extends the length of a lot more than five football fields.

Vegas offers a little something for everybody, and for each one of these reasons and much more, it’s one place that has to be experienced at least one time. The tremendous draw to this pulsating city of high stakes and rises is evidenced through the 40 million those who visit annually as well as the 1.7 million individuals who call it home. If you appreciate a minimum of 320 events of sun, low humidity, little rain and even less snow, here is the perfect place to visit and it’s additionally a great place to reside. Las Vegas will be the fastest growing metropolitan city inside the country with an influx of over 6,000 new residents each month who relocate for a chance to live the American dream. There’s no place like Las Vegas; just ask the Mayor, Oscar B. Goodman, who says he or she is the “Happiest Mayor from the Greatest City on earth”.

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